Hispanics and Fundraising

Recentlly we did some research in the non profit sector and a few key Highlights came out. According to an Independent Sector report:

Almost 63 percent of Hispanic households gave to charity in
1998, representing an increase of six percentage points over
1995 figures (57%).

Socioeconomic status and place of birth were important predictors of giving and volunteering among Hispanics.

When asked, Hispanics gave and volunteered as generously as non-Hispanics.

Hispanic households gave primarily to religion and “informally”
to individuals, such as family or friends, rather than to organized charities.

Among Hispanic respondents, the most likely to give and volunteer is someone who is born in the United States, usually female, a high school graduate and homeowner, and who attends weekly church services—a profile not unlike that of volunteers from the population as a whole.


A more recent study of annual giving Silicon Valley Hispanics supported these trends. The sample approximated the overall Hispanic population: