A good move on their part , MS

Pace Communications introduces Quinceañera Elegante


 Tapping into the lucrative quinceañera market, Pace Communications announced it will launch Quinceañera Elegante, a brand new catalog for the U.S. quinceañera market. Pace will leverage fifteen years of catalog experience as the parent company of Exclusively Weddings, one of the world’s leading wedding accessories catalogs, to create its first-ever catalog for quinceañeras. Pace Communications will make its catalog more accessible to quinceañeras nationwide than any other catalog of its kind. Indeed, with the combined effect of its website and catalog, Quinceañera Elegante will be one of the first multi-channel providers to offer a comprehensive range of quinceañera products for a truly unique quinceañera experience.

Fueled by the recent surge in Hispanic buying power, the quinceañera ceremony has evolved into a lavish event, with hosts typically spending $5,000 to $10,000, and often much more. Demanding everything from invitations and parting gifts for hundreds of guests to formalwear to numerous ceremony and party celebration items, quinceañeras flood the market with approximately $300 million every year.

“With approximately 400,000 Hispanic girls turning 15 every year, there is a huge and growing market for quinceañera products,” notes David Stubbs, Director and General Manager of Quinceñarea Elegante.